This isn't your ordinary electronic magazine - it's in another league altogether.

SmartMag - the future of publishing.

SmartMag is the culmination of years of experience within the publishing industry combined with tech know-how and marketing savvy, we've brought all these things together and blended them into a unique publishing platform.

Our dedicated design team is on hand to look after you and to deliver the content you need to make your company or product shine, whilst our highly experienced in-house tech team will guide you through any difficulties you may find whilst breathing life into your publication.

We know your time is precious, and that’s why we aim to provide you with simplicity; to get your publication to market quickly and efficiently. Imagine us to be your design and production partner, rather than simply providing you with just an editing platform.

If you would like to know more, our sales team is available on 01608 692200.

The future of interactive publishing is here

Why SmartMag?

SmartMag is much more than an online ‘flipbook’ of your physical marketing publication. SmartMag is a digital lifestyle product that optimises search engine algorithms to bring traffic to your website and drive your business ahead.

At its core, SmartMag provides a unique opportunity for you to extend your relationship with customers beyond the rigidity of the sales process. Our solution enables you to create an enticing on-line presence that blends your expertise, products, and partners with our provision of curated content and design experience, creating a truly engaging experience for visitors.

What makes SmartMag special?
Our extensive experience in the publishing industry, combined with our technology know-how and marketing savvy approach means we have created a product that delivers a professional, appealing customer experience without detriment to it being easy and effective to use and maintain.
Some of the dynamic features such as showcasing properties in your portfolio, updating content, altering time-sensitive information, and updating company-specific detail can be achieved with a few clicks using our purpose-built self-admin console or by simply using our managed service.

Your SmartMag can be updated with new fresh content via our extensive library of curated articles in seconds, and testimonials uploaded in the press of a button. Best of all, because your publication is no longer a ‘fixed’ physical document, your magazine can feature content to reflect the season, current trends, or time-limited information and offers.

SmartMag compliments the luxury of your printed publication with the accessibility, adaptability, and interactivity of a digital magazine.

We do the tech, you do the sales

What you should expect from SmartMag

We do the work for you.
A managed, curated service utilising our in-house know-how. Our design and tech teams are guided by your requirements and are primed to amend and update your SmartMag on request.

Easy to use, where you need it.
A simplistic user interface, which enables the speedy updating and tailoring of parts of your magazine without hassle 24/7.

Unique resources for vibrant content.
Access to our extensive Article Library, with regularly uploaded new content, to enable you to curate your space to your client base.

Accessible cross-platform.
Ability to reach a wider prospective customer base, including those who exclusively engage digitally or want more than a flipbook experience.

Creating more search results.
Engaging web search traffic via content written with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind, increasing direction of traffic towards your business website, and increasing Google rankings.

More exposure for your stock.
Showcasing key properties for sale, and management of your listings with ease. Property data can be obtained via your portal API or via an easy control panel to enable staff to promote specific listings.

Event-driven content.
Ability to share time-sensitive information, not suitable for the print publication format without limit. Seasonal updates, and client-specific information is able to be shown only when specifically required.

Working with your partners.
Creating enhanced, mutually beneficial relationships with preferred local businesses who can enhance your digital publication through dynamic advertorial and relevant offers.

We've got the features covered

As industry leaders, we are proud of our well-respected premium publications. Yet, it’s clear that several aspects could be made more engaging to some readers if we could bring more things to life, or update content and information the moment information changed or a seasonal update was needed.

To that end, as a base starting point – your SmartMag could include the following:

Who does all the work?

We do! SmartMag provides you with access to a team with over 100 years combined experience in the market. Our team has led the way again and again over the last 23 years, our desire to create publications that work for you is ingrained in the team and SmartMag is the evolution of this. SmartMag is not a standalone product, it is very much part of the Forward Design eco system, with our attention to detail and customer service baked in. 

Our team will liaise with you and create both your traditional and digital publications, we will provide proofs and previews, aiming to get your publication to market as quickly as possible. We know how busy you can be – so all we ask is a couple of hours of your time spread over a few weeks in manageable chunks at your convenience simply to advise us of your desired approach.

When you are published and wish to update your SmartMag, our customer service team will be on hand to take your instruction and ensure that updates are carried out in a timely fashion, reporting back to you with progress.

We can also provide access to the console should you wish your staff to make some changes to the SmartMag too so that items requiring swift attention can be attended to on the spot (for instance a listing error).

If you would like to know more, our sales team is available on 01608 692200.